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Past Researchers & Contributors to Archaeology Travel

Archaeology Travel was founded by Thomas Dowson, and launched in 2011.
Over the years various writers with a professional background in archaeology and /or history have contributed
to the content we have on the website. Current contributors are listed on the About page.
Picture of Pedro Alves

Pedro Alves

Pedro has a degree in Information and Communication Technologies from the University of Lisbon, and with his experience of mapping forts and castles in Portugal assisted us with our first foray into providing interactive maps. Pedro is passionate about history and contributes to articles on Wikipedia and groups on Facebook about medieval castles. Pedro produced our pages on the castles of Portugal.

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Picture of Ellie Broad

Ellie Broad

Ellie is a graduate from the University of Exeter, with a degree in Archaeology with Forensic Science. Her particular area of interest is in the Southeast of England; Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire, where I enjoy exploring my family's past. Besides a few articles on sites she worked as a student, Ellie also helped researching sites in the south east of England for our regional guides.

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Picture of Bethany Howell

Bethany Howell

A history enthusiast with interests ranging from Gothic architecture to 19th century painting. Beth enjoys learning and writing about the world around her and travels widely. She has a degree in Art History and English Literature from the University of Exeter. Beth joined Archaeology Travel as part on an intern programme at the University of Exeter, and wrote a number of articles on things to see in Exeter and elsewhere.

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Picture of Sarah Nash

Sarah Nash

Sarah has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy and a Masters degree in Archaeology. Besides an interest in archaeology and history, Sarah is also a travel obsessed bookworm. Given her aim to get her children to be equally interested in history and travel, Sarah started our History with Kids series of articles. Sarah has also written about places and museums to visit in Salisbury and London.

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Picture of Max Petterson

Max Petterson

Max is a certified archaeologist working in the Netherlands. He also lived in the USA. He obtained a Masters degree from Leiden University, with a thesis on Human Sacrifice in Iron Age Northern Europe. His interests include visual anthropology, human evolution and ritual and meaning. He feels strongly that it is important to cultivate interest among the public and is involved in developing strategies to engage and share archaeology with the community. Max is responsible for our guides to the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Picture of Kate Phipps

Kate Phipps

Kate is a History graduate from Hull University, now retired from teaching History over many years. Now Kate has the freedom to visit and research so many of the places she studied, as well as many that are completely new and full of fascination. Among other sites, Kate has written a wonderful collection of articles on some of the churches in London.

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Picture of Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith

After starting out as a travel agent, Sarah retrained as an editor and set up her own copy-editing and proofreading business, Charwell Proof Plus - studying archaeology part-time. Using her time and skills as a travel agent, Sarah has travelled widely in Europe and the Middle East. Everyone’s bucket-list site Petra being one of many highlights. Sarah is currently producing a series of articles with lots of tips for visiting the amazing Archaeology Sites in Sicily following her recent visits there

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Picture of Jason Summers

Jason Summers

Jason has an interest in humanity's past for as long as he can remember. So it was not a surprise to anyone he chose to study archaeology at University. He greatly enjoys exploring the outdoors, and of course visiting historic and archaeological sites. Jason has a Batchelor of Arts in Archaeology from the University of Exeter. Jason started our guide to Sardinia.

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Picture of William Tjeltveit

William Tjeltveit

Will has a Batchelor of Art degree in History from Trinity College in Connecticut, USA. He is most interested in historical memory and how we remember the past and loves to visit historical sites of all kinds. When not studying he loves to hike and to travel around the US and the world and has been able to intern at a variety of sites ranging from an archaeological site in Rome to a Civil War Battlefield in Tennessee.

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Picture of Nicholas Vamvakias

Nicholas Vamvakias

Nicholas has a Master’s degree in Applied Anthropology from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a Bachelor’s in Anthropology from Appalachian State University. Raised in North Carolina, much of his archaeology experience has focused on Native American and antebellum sites in the south eastern US. Nicholas currently lives in Chapel Hill, where he works as a laboratory technician for an archaeology firm.

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