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North East Bulgaria
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The eastern limit of north east Bulgaria is the Black Sea. Along the coastline is the city of Varna — Bulgaria’s maritime capital and third largest city. Like south east Bulgaria, this northern stretch of the coastline has many beach resorts and is well known for its nightlife, making this a popular tourist destination in summer. Varna is one of a number of ancient seaside towns along the coast, known in antiquity as Odessos. There are many archaeology and historical sites near Varna. Not to be missed in Varna itself is the Regional Historical Museum, known for its collection of Thracian gold artefacts – or the Roman public Baths, said to be amongst the biggest in the Roman world.

Archaeology & History Sites in North East Bulgaria

Ovech Fortress, Provadia

On the plateau immediately above the town of Provadia is the reconstructed stone fortress of Ovech. Various original rock-cut structures have survived. For example, the foundations of a 12th century church cut into bedrock are clearly visible, and it is surrounded by a number of rock-cut graves. What you see from the streets of Provadia is the medieval fortress, the site was first inhabited by the Thracians, followed successively by the Romans, Byzantines, Bulgarians, and the Turks – each leaving their mark.

Museums & Art Galleries in North East Bulgaria

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