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People have made the flat and often watery landscapes of Cambridgeshire their home for millennia. Bronze Age inhabitants once ritually cast valuable metal objects into the watery fenland at Flag Fen, while their Iron Age successors established the Wandlebury Hillfort on one of the county’s few high areas. Romano-British inhabitants buried their dead in earthen mounds now known as the Bartlow Hills, while early medieval folk used the Devil’s Dyke to demarcate control over the landscape. The glories of medieval Cambridgeshire can be sensed at the ruins of Denny Abbey and in the majestic Ely Cathedral. However, the most famous part of the county is surely its largest city, Cambridge. Home to a world-renowned university established in 1209, Cambridge is packed with historic architecture as well as university-run institutions like the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

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