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Tyne & Wear
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Tyne and Wear is a metropolitan area on the north-east coast of England that centres around the mouths of two rivers. The city of Sunderland is at the mouth of the Wear River, while the boroughs of North Tyneside and South Tyneside are to the north and south of the Tyne River mouth respectively. Newcastle is further inland, on the north side of the Tyne, while Gateshead is opposite to the south. The eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall is located here. And, as the birthplace on the Venerable Bede in 673 AD, the area has a rich Anglo-Saxon monastic tradition.

Archaeology & History Sites in Tyne & Wear

Benwell Roman Fort (Temple & Vallum)

Benwell Roman Fort was the second fort along Hadrian’s Wall. Very little of the site survives today. Two features of the fort have been preserved amongst the houses of the Benwell housing estate. One is a vallum crossing, which is the only surviving vallum crossing along Hadrian’s Wall. The second is a small, single apse temple that was in the vicus that lay beyond the fort, which was dedicated to Antenociticus. The head of a sculpture depicting Antenociticus is all that remains, now in the Great North Museum.

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