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Archaeology & History Sites in Doubs

Mandeure Roman Theatre

In Roman times Epomanduodurum (present day Mandeure) was an important city located in a meander of the River Doubs. Today the remains of houses, thermal baths and a temple can be seen, but perhaps the most spectacular remnant of the Roman town is the theatre, said to have been the second largest in Roman Gaul. Backed into a hillside, it has no stage wall – just an amazing view over the valley.

Museums & Art Galleries in Doubs

Besançon Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology

Opened in 1694, the musée des beaux-arts et d’archéologie de Besançon is the oldest public museum in France, almost a hundred years older than the principal French museums. Through substantial donations of local and European archaeological artefacts and paintings and drawings by well known French and European artists, the museum displays an impressive collection of Europe’s cultural heritage.