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Saarland may very well be one of the smallest states in Germany, it nonetheless has an incredibly rich historical heritage, from ancient archaeology to industrial history. From Roman villas to medieval castles and abbeys, Baroque palaces to industrial era iron works. The Völklingen Ironworks is the only fully intact example of a 19th and 0th century pig iron production plant in all of western Europe and North America. Besides the deep breadth of cultural attractions of this state, Saarland has some strikingly beautiful natural landscapes. The most striking of which is the Saarschleife, a u-shaped bend in the Saar River  that is surrounded by cliffs and forests. Like much of this part of Europe, and within the Mosel wine area, Saarland is also known for its excellent vineyards and wineries. 

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Archaeology & History Sites in Saarland

Nennig Roman Villa

In 1852 a farmer came across tesserae while he was digging a pit. This led to the discovery of the Roman villa, and one of the most outstanding mosaic floors north of the Alps. At 15.65 x 10.30 metres, this mosaic is certainly one of the biggest. The mosaic depicts the various activities that take place in the amphitheatres, including a somewhat graphic scene of gladiators fighting each other, men hunting wild animals, as well as animals hunting other animals. Also, on the edge of town there is an Iron Age tumulus.

European Archaeological Park of Bliesbruck-Reinheim

The German-French border between Gersheim (Saarland) and Bliesbruck (Moselle) has a wonderful concentration of Iron Age and Roman archaeological sites. Consequently the European Archaeological Park of Bliesbruck-Reinheim is a cross-border venture between the two countries. The park is well set up for visitors. On view are excavations and reconstructions of Iron Age and Roman villages, an Iron Age tomb and a Roman villa.

Museums & Art Galleries in Saarland

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