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Portuguese Fireplace in the New Forest: WWI Memorial to Portuguese Labourers

Located close to the major ports of Southampton and Portsmouth, the New Forest not surprisingly saw a large military presence and a great deal of change during World War I. There is very little physical evidence left of that time in the forest’s history. Nature has now reclaimed much of it. A few remnants remain. One of these is a lone fireplace, in a clearing in the forest surrounded by trees, ferns and horses. The Portuguese Fireplace, as it is known, stands as a memorial to the Portuguese who helped with the allied war effort during World War I.

The New Forest During World War I

New Forest Timber During World War I

The Portuguese Fireplace

Visiting the Portuguese Fireplace

There is free parking at Millyford Bridge, a car park off the narrow road between Emery Down and the Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary. It is only a short walk to the fireplace.


There are no facilities at the site. In the nearby village of Emery Down there is a traditional 18th century pub, The New Forest Inn. Emery is about a four minute drive or thirty minute walk away. A bit further is the town of Lyndhurst, which has plenty of shops and other facilities. 

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