Exploring the Roman World

Romans occupied and ruled , albeit briefly in some areas, over a vast area that centred on the Mediterranean Sea. Dotted about this area are the remains of some of the most extraordinary ancient architecture and art. From the Colosseum in Rome to Hadrian’s Wall in northern England. People travel from far and wide to see their ‘bucket list’ sites. Others dedicate much of their leisure travel to visiting Roman sites. Whatever your level of interest, this continually developing guide aims to be the definitive guide to the many Roman sites and museums you can visit. 

Featured Destination

Nemausus ~ Roman Nîmes

From beef Bourguignon to Burgundy wines, the region that was once one of the most powerful medieval kingdoms in Europe today attracts visitors for its history and culture as it does its gastronomic heritage. 






Map of the Roman Empire

The Roman Empire (red), with client states (pink), at its greatest extent in 117 AD, under Emperor Trajan. Map © Tataryn / Wikimedia

Countries that Make Up the Roman World

From Portugal and Wales in the west to southwestern Iran in the East. From southern Egypt to Scotland in the north.