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A view of the Italian Garden at the Berlin Botanical Garden decorated with Christmas lights.

Christmas Garden Berlin, 2023: a Light Show at the Botanical Garden

A view of the historic greenhouse that house the tropical environments at the Berlin Botanical Garden.
The historic greenhouses are the most popular attraction, this greenhouse houses the tropical collections.

Christmas Garden Berlin at the Botanical Garden

A view of the Italian Garden at the Berlin Botanical Garden decorated with Christmas lights.
At the greenhouses looking over the main refreshment area onto the Italian Garden and beyond.

Archaeology Travel Tips for the Christmas Garden Berlin

How to Get to the Christmas Garden Berlin

Festive lights projected on to the walkways.
The tropical greenhouse bathed in purple light from within.
Trees magically lit up at the Christmas Gardens Berlin.
Lights in the shape of snowflakes fall between trees lit up in brilliant blue.
Red stars hung above a pond contrast with their shimmering reflection on a pond in the Berlin Botanical Garden at Christmas.
A field of lights at the Christmas light show, Berlin Botanical Garden.
Santa in his sleigh being pulled by reindeers recreated in laser lights at the Christmas Garden Berlin.
Spot lights in the shape of stars projected on to the paths, and people walking on the paths.
People taking photographs at the illuminated picture frame.
Walking through the 'Cathedral of lights'.
Walking through hanging strings of bulbs.
People skating on ice around a blue Christmas tree at the Christmas Garden Berlin.
Warming up at a log fire, with a cup of mulled wine and a bratwurst.

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Berlin Botanic Garden & Botanical Museum

Part of the Free University of Berlin, the botanical garden was built between 1897 and 1910 by the German botanist Adolf Engler. Covering an area of 43 ha with an estimated 22,000 plant species, this is the second largest botanical in the world. The highlight for visitors are the vast greenhouses, which create ecosystems from around the world. The museum is undergoing renovation, and will be closed until at least 2025. Each year the gardens host Christmas Garden Berlin, with well over a million light points making up around 30 installations dotted about a circular route.

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