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A tour group sit on the steps of the propylaea of the Acropolis in Athens.

Our Recommended Walking Tours of the Acropolis & Athens

Recommended Guided Tours of the Acropolis

Early Morning Walking Tour of the Acropolis

With a start at 7.45 am, this is one of the earliest tours available. Be among the first on the Acropolis – before the crowds, other tour groups and the heat. On entering the site you head straight to the top for a tour around the Parthenon and the famous Caryatids on the Erechtheion. The group exits through the South Entrance, passing the Ascklepieion, Odeon of Herodes Atticus and Dionysus Theatre. A relatively short tour for those who want a knowledgeable introduction.

Private Guided Tour of the Acropolis & Μuseum with an Archaeologist

An ideal tour, at 3 hours, for those who are looking for a more in-depth experience that includes both the Acropolis Museum and the Acropolis. Your licensed guide, an archaeologist, will be able to give you a detailed account of the archaeology, history and mythology of the greatest sanctuary of ancient Athens. And then show you the highlights of the collection of artefacts from the ancient citadel in the Acropolis Museum. The price is per group up to six people.

Acropolis & Mythology Highlights Small Group Tour

A 4-hour small-group, walking tour of ancient Athens that focuses on the mythology and history of the ancient city, not just the Acropolis. Starting at the Temple of Olympian Zeus you will move on and explore some of the most iconic historical sites in Athens. Your licensed guide will tell you about the rise of Athens, its Golden Age, as well as its fall to the Spartan armies. Besides the Acropolis, you will also visit the Ancient Agora and the Temple of Hephaestus.

Small Group Shore Excursion of Athens, Acropolis & Acropolis Museum

With a round-trip transfer from your cruise-ship in the port of Piraeus included, this is the perfect small group tour to see the highlights of Athens in a short time. The tour proper starts at Syntagma Square, with a walk through the National Garden to the Temple of Zeus and Hadrian’s Gate. And finally, a guided tour of both the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum before returning to your ship.

5-Hour Private Group Shore Excursion of Athens

A pricier option (the price is per group of six), but this is a private shore excursion. You will be met at your ship and enjoy a 4-hour tour of Athens in a luxury, air-conditioned mini van. The itinerary includes Neoclassical architecture, the Acropolis, the Temple Of Zeus, Hadrian’s Arch as well as the Panathenaic Stadium – where the first modern Olympic Games were held.

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The Acropolis

Arguably one of the world’s most iconic archaeological sites, it is certainly the most popular in Athens. Although there is evidence of some 5,000 years of activity on the citadel, it is the ruins of ancient temples and sanctuaries, the most famous being the Parthenon, from the 5th century BCE to the Roman period that are highlighted, and the focus of restoration work. Anything post-Roman, including the Christian church and Ottoman mosque, has been all but obliterated, and this period of the Acropolis’ history receives only passing mention.

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