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Visiting Akrotiri of Thera – A Minoan Site in Santorini

One of the main attractions on the Greek island of Santorini is the archaeological site of Akrotiri. The extensive ruins of this Bronze Age settlement have been enclosed within a substantial structure. With walkways that enable visitors to walk among the excavated section of the Minoan port town, covered in volcanic ash in the 16th century. The site is away from the main tourist spots of the island. Here you will find all the essential visitor information, including how to get to Akrotiri archaeological site. 

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Prehistoric Town of Akrotiri at Santorini island in Greece
Walkways allow visitors to walk above the archaeological remains of the Minoan port town.
Prehistoric Town of Akrotiri at Santorini island in Greece
In some places paths allow visitors to walk among the excavated ruins.

History of the Archaeological Site

Prehistoric Town of Akrotiri at Santorini island in Greece
Because the settlement was covered in volcanic ash, the preservation has been remarkable.

Map of Akrotiri Archaeological Site

Map Of Akrotiri
Akrotiri Spring Fresco
The 'spring' fresco, now in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.
Thera Frescoes Athens
The boxers and antelope depictions, both in a single room, are thought by some to have been done by the same artist (also in Athens).
A sign post points to the archaeological site of Akrotiri.

How to Get to Akrotiri

Where is Akrotiri? The archaeological site of Akrotiri is directly south of the modern-day village with the same name, at the south-western part of the crescent shaped island of Thíra, the largest island in the Santorini archipelago.

Visiting Akrotiri with private transport

Visiting Akrotiri by bus

Archaeological Bus Tour To Akrotiri Excavations & Red Beach

Akrotiri Entrance
The entrance to the archaeological site, now protected from the elements.

Visiting Akrotiri of Thera

Opening Hours

1 November to 31 March: daily from 08h30 – 15h30
1 April to 31 October: daily from 08h00 – 20h00
Closed on the following days: 1 January, 25 March, Easter Sunday, 1 May, 25 December, 26 December

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The Bronze Age settlement of Akrotiri was one of the most important Minoan urban centres and ports in the Aegean Sea when it was covered by volcanic ash in the 16th century BC. The archaeological site, on one of the islands that makes up Santorini, was discovered in 1867 and extensive excavations began in 1967. As it was covered in ash the preservation was remarkable. Today the exposed ruins have been covered for protection, and walkways have been added to enable visitors to explore the site. Akrotiri is one of the most popular attractions on Santorini.

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