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The skyline of the historic centre of Cagliari against a cloudless sunset.

Cagliari: A History in 47 Historical Places & Landmarks

The skyline of the historic centre of Cagliari against a cloudless sunset.
A view of the historical centre of Cagliari from the port.


Phoenicians & Punic Karaly

Punic tombs cut into exposed limestone rock at Tuvixeddu, Caliari.
Raised walkways guide visitors around the Punic necropolis of Tuvixeddu.

Karales - Roman Cagliari

A walkway allows visitors to get a closer look into the rock-cut amphitheatre.
The rock cut Roman amphitheatre in Cagliari.

Christians, Vandals & Byzantines - St Igia

A view over part of Cagliari from San Michele Castle at sunset.
Castello di San Michele withsome of the finest views of the Bay of Cagliari.

Pisans & Aragonese

A stone sculpture of an elephant attached to the side of a tower in Cagliari.
A close-up of the elephant sculpture that gives the Elephant Tower its name.

Spanish Càller

The highly decorative shrine of the martyrs in the crypt of Cagliari Cathedral.
The principal chapel of the Shine of the Martyrs in the crypt of the Cagliari Cathedral.

Kingdom of Sardinia

Ahistoric cafe in Sardinia and the Bastione of Saint Remy.
Antico Caffè has been a popular coffee house since its opening as a bar in 1838.

From the Kingdom of Italy to the Present

A candle lit tunnel that was used during World War 2 for the residents of Cagliari.
The Don Bosco Shelter used by residents of Cagliari during the Second World War. Today it is open with guided tours only.

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Cagliari, the capital of the Italian island of Sardinia, is a city steeped in history. With roots dating back to the Phoenician and Punic era, this coastal gem boasts a rich tapestry of historical sites, including a well-preserved Roman amphitheatre and the medieval Castello district of typical ancient walls and narrow streets. Beyond its historical charm, Cagliari offers breath-taking views from its panoramic terraces, pristine beaches and a vibrant culinary scene that draws on the island’s many flavours. Whether you travel for history, nature or gastronomy, Cagliari promises a memorable Italian getaway.

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