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Taking Kids to the Acropolis, Athens: What You Need to Know

FAQS Questions Parents Ask

Is the Acropolis free for children?

Can you take a stroller on the Acropolis?

Can you use the lift/elevator instead of the stairs?

Are there restrooms/toilets on the Acropolis?

Is there water available on the Acropolis?

Buying Acropolis Tickets for Children

Visiting the Acropolis in Athens

Opening Hours

Opening time throughout the year: 08.00 daily
Closing times – 
1 April to 31 October: 19.00
1 November to 31 March: 17.00

Closed on the following days: 1 January, 25 March, Orthodox Easter Sunday, 1 May, 25 & 26 December

Ticket Prices

Full price: €20
Reduced: €10

During winter (November to March) everyone pays the reduced entry price – except those entitled to free admission. During summer (April to October) the full price applies, except those entitled to the reduced ticket or free admission.

Facilities at the Acropolis

Toilets, water fountain, refreshments and snacks are available at a kiosk near the entrance.

Getting on to the Acropolis

Acropolis Slopes Path
The footpath on the slopes of the Acropolis, just above the main entrance on the western end of the hill.
Stairs To Propylaea Acropolis
The propylaea, the entrance to the hill top archaeological site. The footpaths from entrances lead to this point.
Mother Toddler Propylaea Acropolis
A toddler makes it to the final wooden steps leading through the propylaea that leads on to the top of the Acropolis.

Getting About the Acropolis

Athens Parthenon Sunrise
The Parthenon in front of the rising sun, at about 8.30 am.
View Over Acropolis
A view over the top of the Acropolis from the Belvedere at the eastern end. The entrance to the toilets/restrooms is to the left of the tree, around the base of which are some benches - with a water fountain nearby.

When is the Best Time to Visit the Acropolis?

Family Friendly Guided Tours of the Acropolis

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