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The stone circle at Stonehenge at dawn.

Is English Heritage Membership Worth it?

Some of the more popular tourist attractions in England are in the care of English Heritage. These range from prehistoric stone circles, the most famous of which is Stonehenge, to much more recent historical sites such as Charles Darwin’s house or 1960s Cold War Bunkers. In all there are over 400 properties in England that are managed by English Heritage. Members of the organisation are given free access to all of these sites. Membership is great for families, a must for travellers, in fact it is perfect for anyone who enjoys visiting archaeological and historic sites and cares about initiatives to protect these. Read on for more about the benefits of joining English Heritage.

The stone circle at Stonehenge at dawn.
Dawn at the stone circle at Stonehenge in Wiltshire, one of over 400 places in England at which members enjoy free entry.

Is It Worth Joining English Heritage?

What Are the Benefits of English Heritage Membership

People standing in queues for tickets to Stonehenge.
The ticket office at Stonehenge in early April, at opening time. At busier periods, you can wait over two hours for a ticket see Stonhenge.

Is English Heritage Membership Value for Money

Join English Heritage Online

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