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The D'Orsay Museum and the banks of the Seine River lit up at night.night,

Comparing Go City’s Paris Passes & Paris Museum Pass

Paris has some of the finest art galleries and museums in the World, as well as a number of iconic monuments and typically Parisian activities. These are the very reason why many people visit the French capital. As with visiting more than a few attractions in any city, entry costs soon start adding up. There are a number of  city passes available. Understandably then, everyone wants to known which pass is better? Unfortunately, there is no  one answer, it really does depend on what you want to see and do in Paris. Based on many visits, both personal and as a tour guide, I offer various tips and suggestions to help you decide which one is suitable for you.

Quick Links for Recommended Paris Passes

Paris Museum Pass

Includes entry to more than 60 of the top museums and attractions in and around Paris. From the Louvre to Versailles. From Sainte-Chapelle to the National Museum of the Renaissance.

Go City's Explorer Pass

Includes a number of the top attractions and experiences in Paris. From Cheese tasting to a ballon ride above Paris. From the Eiffel Tower to Disneyland.

Go City's All-Inclusive Pass

Includes a number of the top museums, attractions and experiences in around Paris. From Parc Astérix to the Louvre Museum. From breakfast in a Parisian café to champagne in Montmartre.

Or, continue reading this page for all the information you need to choose which Paris city pass is right for you.

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The Convenience of a Pass

What is the Paris Museum Pass?

A near empty entry for Paris Museum Pass holders next to long queues to get into the Louvre Museum.
Entry points for Paris Museum Pass holders at the Louvre Museum (around 10.30 am)

Is the Paris Museum Pass Worth Buying?

Two days in Paris with a Paris Museum Pass

Four days in Paris with a Paris Museum Pass

What Happened to the Paris Pass?

Are Go City's Paris Passes Worth Buying?

What is the Difference Between the Paris Passes & the Paris Museum Pass?

Which City Pass for Paris to Buy?

Children, Under 26s & Passes in Paris

Tips for Using the Passes

Who Should Consider Buying These Passes?

Who Should Skip these Passes

Paris Museum Pass Musee D Orsay
Buying the Paris Museum Pass in the Musée d'Orsay.

Where to Buy the Passes?

Big Bus Centre Paris
The Big Bus Center on Avenue de l'Opéra in Paris.

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